A warm welcome and thank you for your interest in the Queensmill College Post 19 provisions. Our mission is to provide a specialist provision for young people with autism, where they can develop their skills in an environment that values them for who they are, with no limits on their aspirations.

We set up Queensmill DFN Project Search internship programme in 2018 at West Middlesex University Hospital. This is our fourth year and we have expanded into Chelsea and Westminster Hospital which is part of the same NHS Foundation Trust.

For young people with more complex autism and additional needs it is very difficult to gain access to the world of work. Our desire is to provide these young people with the opportunity to learn about work and develop valuable skills in a real-life environment supported by our highly trained and experienced staff and the warm welcome and collaboration offered by the NHS staff.

The internship focuses on key areas: building a skill set for individuals to enter the workplace with confidence & real world experience, each individual’s independence and personal development and Employability qualifications (ASDAN)

As an organisation we champion inclusivity, changing work culture and building neuro-tolerant work based settings and this is wholly supported by the hospital ethos.

We work closely with the interns, their families, and professionals within the hospital settings to support interns on their journey of learning about work skills, adjusting to a busy environment and all that involves, and building skills towards employment.

I hope you find the information on this website informative and enjoy seeing the photos and video of our interns working in the hospital departments.

Rachel Thompson
Head of College

Queensmill College is recognized by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) as a Specialist Post 16 Institution (PSI).